Citizenship of Malta


The Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP) provides a unique opportunity to obtain the Maltese citizenship with all its perks not only for investors themselves, but for their entire family, including spouse, parents, grand-parents, children and grand-children. After following the necessary steps of the naturalization procedure, the family of the main applicant will have the right to live in this beautiful and prosperous country, travel and work abroad, for example in the European Union member states, and pass this privilege on to generations to come.

We have had the pleasure and privilege in assisting large, multi-generation families from the Middle East, North Africa, Russia and China.

Certainly, our clients to date have presented us with various challenges and opportunities, for which we have striven to meet our stated aims to provide both a custom-made service and the success which is expected by our clients.

When you start an immigration process for a new country you have so many preoccupations, that at some point you stop enjoying the transition toward a new life. At Inimex Inc. we can change that.

Our extensive and unrivalled experience; deep respect for our clients’ privacy; passion for what we do, and proficiency has given us the reputation of the number one immigration service group.

Our team of experts, founded in 1997, is made up of immigration attorneys and advisers, translators, real estate agents, financial experts and assistants who are here to serve you. We would be pleased to assist with preliminary and ongoing advisories, translate and review your documentation and prepare statutory forms and attachments for client’s signature.

We liaise with the authorities of Malta on our clients’ behalf through the entire process, arrange and attend meetings with them, negotiate and review any rental contracts and drafts and prepare affidavits and declarations. In addition, we make introductions to the banks, real estate agents, stockbrokers, notaries and facilitate meetings at the Embassies. To crown it all, we assist with incidental matters to the satisfaction of residency criteria such as club memberships or obtaining a local mobile phone number and, overall, all matters pertaining to the MIIP.


For many businesspersons, professionals and wealthy individuals, frequent international travel is part of their course. As the date of an important business trip is approaching, the formalities to obtain a visa must be undertaken. Often, a long form listing the countries visited during the last five or ten years must be filled and a visit must be paid to a consulate or embassy for an interview. The costs and time spent without a passport often make the process highly inconvenient, reducing flexibility and disrupting business travel.

Maltese Citizenship provides a neutral second passport, access to visa-free travel to more than 160 countries and allows to reside in any European country without any restrictions.

Maltese Citizenship may grant you access to an ancient and highly civilized society and you will surely appreciate and enjoy the other benefits of this beautiful and exotic archipelago, among which are:

  1. the possibility to travel visa-free to countries, such as Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Saint Lucia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the 53 member states of the Commonwealth and the United States;
  2. the right to live and work in any member State of the EU, as Malta has been the member of the European Union since 2004;
  3. excellent quality of life: temperate climate, secure environment, high standard of living, strong economy and minimal imposition (no wealth tax, no asset reporting, no inheritance tax) with outstanding health services;
  4. consummate education system adhering to the highest standards;
  5. the right to hold the citizenship’s of other States, etc.


Our company and our partners vouch for:

  1. giving preliminary and ongoing advisories, preparing all the necessary documentation that may be required by Identity Malta Agency (IM);
  2. examining and authenticating supporting documents before submitting them to Identity Malta Agency to ensure that applications should not be returned;
  3. answering any questions that may arise with respect to the Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP);
  4. sending on behalf of the Client an exhaustive application to Identity Malta Agency;
  5. informing the Client immediately upon receiving any communication from IM concerning the Client’s application;
  6. once the application has been approved in principle and the Client has met all the requirements set by IM, acquiring on behalf of the Client a passport issued by the Maltese Passport Authorities.

The Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP) is based on legal notice No. 47 of 2014, Chapter 188 of the Maltese Citizenship Act. According to this law a naturalization certificate may be issued for highly reputable persons investing in the economy of the country (the main applicant), the spouse and the qualifying family members within the framework of the above mentioned program.
For additional information on the legislation of the MIIP, please contact the official source:
Subsidiary Legislation 188.03 Individual Investor Programme of the Republic of Malta Regulations, Legal Notice 47 of 2014 (


By virtue of Legal Notice 47 of 2014, the Malta Individual Investor Programme (the MIIP) grants reputable foreign individuals and their families who invest in Malta, citizenship by naturalization.

Maltese citizenship is a privilege granted to affluent and the most highly reputable candidates. Applicants will be required to provide a document confirming the absence of criminal history from their country of residency and their country of origin, if the latter is different from the state where they live. In addition to that, Identity Malta will conduct thorough verifications of its own via international sources (INTERPOL) and local authorities.

To qualify for citizenship, the main applicant must be at least 18 years of age, provide proof of having been a resident of Malta for a period of 12 months preceding the issuing of a certificate of naturalization and meet the following requirements:

  • Make a contribution to the National Development and Social Fund of 650 000 €;
  • To buy government shares and special purpose entities for a minimum amount of 150 000 . Investment in this option will be deposited in the Central Bank of Malta and will be kept there under the supervision of Identity Malta for at least five (5) years following the issue of the naturalization certificate without the possibility to sell the above-mentioned government assets.
  • Satisfies the e-Residency (symbolic indicator of presence) requirement. Hold immovable residential property situated in Malta having a minimum value of  350 000  or lease immovable residential property in Malta for a minimum annual rent of 16 000  (property purchased or leased must be retained for at least five years).  Provide proof of having been resident in Malta for 1 year prior to the issue of a certificate of naturalization.  

There are a few important details you should be aware of:

  • After making a qualifying investment, i.e. buying or renting a property in Malta, an applicant will receive an e-Residency card, which will confirm his/her presence in the country. Other benefits of this card are the possibility to start and run a business; taking advantage of various services, such as banking, impositions, etc.
  • Has no medical problems and purchases a Global Health Coverage: Applicants and their eligible family members must not suffer of any infectious diseases and must purchase a Global Health Coverage which has validity everywhere around the world. The medical insurance must cover every applicant for the amount of 50 000 €  with the possibility of an annual renewal.

Due Diligence Fees

  1. Main petitioner: 7 500
  2. Spouse: 5 000
  3. Each eligible relative aged 13-17: 3 000
  4. Each eligible relative aged 18-26: 5 000
  5. Each eligible relative aged 55 or older: 5 000

The National Development and Social Fund. Below you will find the one-time contribution that must be invested:

  1. Principal applicant: 650 000
  2. Spouse: 25 000
  3. Each Dependant child aged 0-17: 25 000
  4. Each Dependant child aged 18-26: 50 000
  5. Each Dependant aged 55 or older:  50 000

Real estate investment. Candidate must:

  1. Buy property for a minimum amount of 350 000 €, OR
  2. Rent property for a minimum amount of 16 000  per year.

The property can not be sold or subleased for a period of five (5) years.


Below is provided a list of documents that our company will submit on behalf of the applicant to Identity Malta Agency (IM). Please note that the list below is not complete, and that IM may ask for any additional document(s) if they deem it necessary.

  1. Applications Forms;
  2. Police conduct certificates (from the country of origin and from the country of residence, if applicable);
  3. Proof that the main applicant has been a resident of Malta for a period of one year preceding naturalization;
  4. Medical certificates stating that the applicant and his dependents are not suffering from contagious diseases and are in good health;
  5. An undertaking to remit the Contribution;
  6. Proof of investment in real estate projects or government assets in Malta in accordance with the regulations;
  7. Certificates: Birth and marriage (if applicable);
  8. Certified copies of all pages of your ID card, present and expired passports;
  9. Recent passport-sized, colour photographs;
  10. Military book (for anyone who served in the army)
  11. The most recent bank certificates and statements;
  12. Certificate of business incorporation, work letter;
  13. Tax clearance;
  14. Confirmation of having an international health insurance (Global Health Coverage);
  15. Residency certificate.


Identity Malta Agency (IM) is the only Public administration authority in charge of the Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP) and the step-by-step immigration process is as follows:

  1. You sign an agreement with our organization.
  2. You should gather all accompanying documents and pay administrative and company’s fees.
  3. Our certified translators will render all your documents into English.
  4. E-Residency criteria will be met: the main applicant and his/her family will come to Malta, acquire an address and attend an appointment with IM (3 weeks). -The applicant must fulfill the e-Residency requirement, i.e. being physically or virtually present in the country for 12 months.
  5. Due diligence verifications will be made (2 weeks).
  6. Our agents will submit an application on your behalf to the authorities of Malta.
  7. You should pay your registration and administrative fees and attach the Confirmation of payment to your file. Then we will submit the latter to IM which will study it and send us its initial resolution (2-3 months).
  8. If the application is approved, we will receive a notice from IM.
  9. When the application is fully approved, the applicant must pay the Government fees and make a qualifying investment within 4 months after the approval of the application (4 months).
  10. Every applicant must swear of fealty to Malta in person and receive his/her naturalization certificate (1-2 weeks).
  11. Then the Petitioner (or our company) may apply for the biometric passports of Malta for the main applicant and all the qualifying relatives.
  12. Once the Maltese passport was issued for the main applicant, the spouse and the children of the latter will automatically receive their passports as well.

Procedure timeline for Malta Passport

  1. Client must visit Malta in order to have biometrics taken and all submissions in respect of residence and e-residence application are attended to, opening of bank account, rent an apartment, buy medical insurance etc. Residency card issued and visa free travel within Schengen zone. This kick starts the 12 month Malta residence requirement prior to issue of the Certificates of Naturalization. An initial non-refundable fee of  5 000  is due to be paid to the authorities together with the residence application. We plan, negotiate and agree a residency ruling with the authorities. NB authorities require 1-2 weeks to obtain preliminary police clearance prior to Maltameeting to have biometrics taken. Biometrics data is captured and stored on the Malta residence card.
  2. Once all applications and documentation requirements in terms of the Malta Citizenship regulations have been attended to, the Malta Citizenship application pack is submitted. This may be done at any time after application for residence; 
  3. + 2 weeks: MIIP application pack is reviewed by the authorities during which time we attend meetings with the authorities in order to discuss the Citizenship application pack. Once they are satisfied with all documentation and information, a statement is issued for the payment of the due diligence fees (7 500  for the main applicant), bank charges (200 ) and passport fees (500  per applicant/ dependent) as well as a non-refundable contribution of  5 000 ;  
  4. + 4 months: the authorities carry out a rigorous due diligence process during which time all applications go through a 120 days four tier due diligence screening. The authorities may request additional documentation during this time. After 120 days the authorities issue their in principle response;    
  5. + 20 days: Main applicant must effect the contribution of  640 000  (650 000 – 10 000  paid at the outset).
    Contribution of  640 000  in respect of the main applicant is due to be paid directly to the authorities as well as contribution funds for family dependents ;
  6. + 4 months: All other investment requirements must be attended to including an investment in government bonds, stocks or government securities equivalent to 150 000 .and the purchase/ lease of immovable property of at least 350 000  (property purchase price) Immovable property and government securities must be held 5 years. All interest on bonds and capital gains on the property accrue to the benefit of the applicant. 
  7. Evidence of investments undertaken and proof of residence are submitted by us to the authorities;
  8. Authorities issue Certificate of Naturalisation. In practice, the authorities are committed to issue the certificate of naturalisation within 12 months from the issue of Malta residence card. All applicants over 18 years old must visit Malta at the end of the process in order to take the Oath of Allegiance. Application for a passport submitted and all filings with the Civil Registry at attended to. All documents must be authenticated. 
  9. +- 4/5 days: Maltese passport is issued.  

Overall the entire immigration procedure to Malta in the context of the Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP) may take between 12 and 16 months.


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