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Our mission is to provide you with the proper means to obtain your Saint Lucian citizenship by investment while guiding you one step at a time towards the full realization of your project. We take care of everything and our clients have recommended us again and again for the stress-free environment we are known to provide.

After the ratification of Act No. 14 of 2015, the Citizenship by Investment Act on 24th August 2015, the island has opened its doors to the category of immigrants mentioned above, and the only thing our applicants must do is pack their suitcases and enjoy the transition to a new life. We take care of the rest.

Our team of experts is comprised of translators, real estate agents, financial experts, and immigration attorneys who are here to serve you. We take care of your files with the utmost care and privacy, help you choose your property based on your needs, translate your documents with speed and precision and are always present to answer your financial questions.


Before starting the immigration process you may wonder about the benefits of becoming a Saint Lucian citizen. There are a few substantial advantages in doing so, for example, the possibility to travel without a visa to more than 120 countries and territories in the European Union, such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, in the Caribbean and South America. With Saint Lucian citizenship, the process of obtaining a long-term visa for Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA is accessible and convenient. 

Another perk of being Saint Lucian citizen is living in a modern resort. Whether you like the city or the rural areas, you will always be enjoying the island’s temperate climate, tranquility, accessibility and lavishness.

Yet another reason to apply for Saint Lucian citizenship is the possibility to complete the immigration process in a very short period (three months); minor (under 25), senior (above 65) family members could be incorporated…

The main applicant as well as his/hr family members do not have to live on the island while the application is being processed.

To crown it all, Saint Lucian citizens enjoy low taxes, including a non-taxable worldwide income; a blooming economy; universal health care, and much more.


Our company and our partners shall:

  1. Provide any assistance with respect to the preparation of the citizenship application forms that may be required for the Citizenship by Investment process;
  2. Review and verify supporting documents before submitting them to the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit to ensure that applications are completed to the standard required by the Unit;
  3. Provide counseling or procedural assistance with the Citizenship by Investment process;
  4. Submit on behalf of the Client a fully completed application to the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit;
  5. Notify the Client immediately upon receiving any notice regarding the outcome of the Client’s application;
  6. Obtain on behalf of the Client, once the Client’s application is approved in principle and the Client has met all his obligations, a passport issued by the Saint Lucia Passport Authorities.

Citizenship by Investment Program was sanctioned in December 2015 after the ratification of Act No. 14 of 2015, the Citizenship by Investment Act on 24th August 2015. The purpose of the Act is to grant citizenship of Saint Lucia to authorized investors following a legal procedure. For more information on Citizenship by Investment legislation in Saint Lucia, please consult the links mentioned below:


There are four programmes based on which the Saint Lucian citizenship by investment may be acquired. Programmes differ depending on the applicants’ investment plans and their budget. It is important to note, however, that prior to granting citizenship by investment based on any type of programme listed below, the contribution of the applicant(s) must be approved by the Citizenship by Investment Board.

Saint Lucia National Economic Fund Option A)

This programme is based on Section 33 of the Citizenship by Investment Act and was designed for those who would like to purchase their citizenship via participation in various projects benefiting the Saint Lucian economy. Donations must be approved by the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund and the amounts vary depending on the number of applicants:

  1. One applicant: US$100,000;
  2. Applicant applying with spouse: US$165,000;
  3. Applicant applying with spouse and up to two (2) other authorized relatives: US$190,000;
  4. Each additional authorized relative, of any age: US$25,000.

Saint Lucia Investment in Approved Real Estate (Option B)

Applicants entitled to this program must invest in one of the two real estate projects:

  1. First-class private hotels and resorts
  2. Luxurious commercial properties

The minimum investments required according to this programme are:

  1. US$350,000 (included Administration Fee of US$ 50,000) on behalf of the main applicant;
  2. US$ 385,000 (included Administration Fee of US$ 85,000) on behalf of the main applicant and spouse;
  3. US$ 410,000 (included Administration Fees of US$ 110,000) for a family of three members;
  4. US$ 435,000 (included Administration Fees of US$ 135,000) for a family of four members.

Investments in this programme must be approved by the Cabinet of Ministers and later deposited in a pledge account managed jointly by the investor and the Citizenship by Investment Unit in Saint Lucia. The latter agent has the duty to properly account for the pledged funds and ensure that the money is explicitly used for the purpose intended.

Saint Lucia Investment in Approved Enterprise (Option C)

Investments in this program may vary and are also subject to government approval. New enterprise projects must fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Local Restaurants;
  2. Cruise ships and cruise ports;
  3. Factories processing raw materials derived from farming;
  4. Medicament;
  5. Ports, bridges, roads and highways;
  6. Experimentation infrastructure;
  7. Overseas educational institutions.

Once the enterprise project has been approved the minimum contribution required from the investor is:

  1. One applicant: US$3,500,000;
  2. More than one applicant (collaboration of two or more companies): US$6,000,000 with each applicant contributing no less than US$1,000,000.

Non-refundable administration fees (applies for enterprise project investment)

  1. Main applicant: US $50,000;
  2. Each family member (18 years and older): US $35,000;
  3. Each family member (younger than 18 years): US $25,000.

Saint Lucia Government Bonds (Option D)

Investing in this program implies buying non-interest-bearing Government bonds. These bonds must be registered and held for five years from the date they were first issued. After the above-mentioned application has been approved, the minimum investment required is:

  1. Single applicant: US$550,000 (Included Administration Fee of US$ 50,000);
  2. Applicant applying with spouse: US$585,000 (Included Administration Fee of US$ 50,000);
  3. Applicant applying with spouse and up to two (2) other authorized relatives: US$600,000 (Included Administration Fee of US$ 50,000);
  4. Each additional authorized relative: US$25,000.

Non-refundable processing fees (applies for all four programmes)

  1. Main applicant: US $2000;
  2. Each family member: US $1000.

Due diligence fees (applies for all four programmes)

  1. Main applicant: US $7,500;
  2. Each family member (16 years and older): US $5,000.


In this section is provided the list of documents required for processing an application for citizenship by investment to Saint Lucia ( Please note that the list below is not complete and the Citizenship by Investment Unit (“the Unit”) may ask for any additional document(s) if they deem it necessary.

  1. Authorized Agent Form (SL2);
  2. Confirmation of Alternative Citizenship (SL3);
  3. Investment Confirmation Form (SL4);
  4. Citizenship by Investment Application Form (SL5);
  5. Birth Certification that includes one’s parents’ details;
  6. Military reports (for anyone who served in armed forces);
  7. Signature Registration (SL6);
  8. Six passport-sized, colour photographs of oneself made in the last six months;
  9. National identity document(s);
  10. Copies of all pages of current and previous passports;
  11. Proof of the most recent residential address (recent utility bill or bank statement);
  12. Validated marriage registration (for the main applicant and the spouse);
  13. Autobiography (for the main applicant and any authorized relative older than 18);
  14. Credentials from the most recent employer;
  15. The most recent bank referral;
  16. Written legal declaration of providing for one’s spouse and each children (SL7);
  17. Schooling accreditation and detailed records;
  18. Police records from the country of residence (and the country of origin if the latter is different from the country of residence);
  19. A statement from the Medical Commission and its conclusions (SL8).


The step-by-step process for a successful application for Saint Lucian citizenship by investment is as follows:

  1. You sign a contract with our company;
  2. You should gather all supporting documents and pay processing and company’s fees. Our certified translators will translate all your documents into English;
  3. Our representatives will submit an application on your behalf to the authorities of Saint Lucia;
  4. You should pay your registration and processing fees and attach the Confirmation of payment to your file. Then we will submit the latter to “the Unit”, which will study it and make a preliminary decision;
  5. If the application is approved, “the Unit” will send us a report;
  6. The Board will make a decision to grant a citizenship to the applicant;
  7. The applicant must pay the Government fees and make a qualifying investment within 60 days after the approval of the application;
  8. Every applicant who has become a citizen by investment must swear of fealty to Saint Lucian state by means of signing an appropriate document in the presence of a legal state representative, such as a legal adviser, Consular Officer of Saint Lucia, Honorary Consul of Saint Lucia, Notary Royal or Notary Public, at the nearest consulate / embassy of the country: in London, Brussels or French Fort-de-France;
  9. An Applicant (and his/her family) will receive registration of naturalization (Citizenship Certificate);
  10. Then the Applicant (or our company) will apply for Social Security Number and Santa Lucia passport;
  11. Saint Lucian passport could be issued within one (1) week;
  12. Once the Saint Lucian passport was issued for the main applicant, the spouse and the children of the latter will automatically receive their passports as well.


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